hydrate+++ smooth + plump + tighten
This ground breaking new treatment is the latest addition to our Cosmetic Injectable range & it is taking the world by storm!  As with all of our cosmetic injectables, you are in the expert hands of our Profhilo ® trained Cosmetic Nurse Mitch Wade,  who will numb the area first then inject into strategic points on your face and/or neck. Over the next 10-14 days this high concentrated HA will slowly disperse under the skin to super hydrate your skin, which will help to tighten, plump, lift and give your skin an “air-brushed” type texture.

2 treatments are needed 4 weeks apart for best results, lasts 6-9 months but this can vary depending on individual metabolism & lifestyle factors.

Anti-wrinkle Injectables

Alleviate signs of stress and aging such as facial wrinkles and frown lines.

Dermal Filler

Rejuvenate, replace volume loss, sculpt, enhance and refresh using approved Hyaluronic gel technology.

Teeth Whitening

Deep enamel whitening to reveal your whitest natural smile in one sitting.  One of our most popular treatments.

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