Muscle Relaxing

Injections (Dysport®/Botox®) 

30 mins - 1 hour

Relax facial lines, slow the aging process, look more youthful and refreshed with botulinum toxin injections.  Prices may vary and specialised areas will be priced on consultation.



Dermal Filler

1-2 hours

Rejuvenate, replace volume loss, sculpt, enhance and refresh using approved Hyaluronic gel technology.  Refine and chisel cheeks, fill volume loss in your lower face, plump and refine those gorgeous lips!  There are many options and areas dermal filler can be used to give you the natural results you are looking for.





Duration varies

An exciting new treatment which involves inserting fine, hair-like, dissolvable threads under the skin to build a mesh-like structure for collagen growth and firming in areas needing more support due to volume loss.  Can be used in the face, neck or décolletage.  Up to 10-60 threads used per treatment area - can vary.


$10 per thread


45 mins

A quick easy way to glowing skin! A specialised exfoliation technique resulting in smooth, refreshed looking skin, whilst removing that fine peach fuzz hair (does not make hair grow back thicker). Great for dull skin and overall condition.  Enhances makeup application and absorption of skin care products. There is no downtime after treatment and it can be performed on all skin types.





1 hour

A Dental grade professional in-chair service. Mitch is a trained Teeth Whitening Technician and uses the latest technology to ensure safe, fast, professional results!  Deep enamel whitening reveals your whitest natural smile in one sitting.

The low-down on Teeth Whitening

click link to view





1 hour

The Super Skin Booster Microneedling Facial is an advanced collagen inducing facial using skin boosting serums that are gently infused into your skin with our specialised M-Pen for maximum impact. Great for rehydration, fine lines, acne scarring, pigmentation, pores and overall rejuvenation.



PRP Facials

1 hour 30 mins

Platelet Rich Plasma – a natural treatment using your own plasma to help regenerate and improve your skin, tone, volume and texture (also known as the Vampire Facial®).  Can also be used to help treat dark under eye circles and acne scars.  Take it to the next level by adding Hyaluronic. Instantly boosts, hydrates and lifts the skin. Microneedled or injected into the dermal layers of your skin.



PRP Hair Loss

2 hours

A natural revolutionary approach to mild/moderate male and female pattern baldness.  We use your own platelets to help stimulate the hair follicles and further reduce hair loss.


This “liquid gold” is full of healing and growth factors to help promote thicker, fuller, healthier hair.



Aspect Dr Luxe Treatment Peels

1 hour

Aspect DrTM Clinical Skin Peels are clinical strength results-orientated corrective treatments and far superior to any ordinary facial in terms of truly visible results and long term durability.


Ideal for general rejuvenation, aging, pigmentation and problem skin.



Bridal Special

Look amazing on your big day with a dazzling smile and baby smooth, radiant skin by treating yourself to a full teeth whitening treatment and a dermaplaning for only $278 (usually $358)



All of your favourites bundled into exclusive VIP treatment plans so you can look and feel your best all year round and save money!


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